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Architectural Accents

Casting Cost Effectively


Greenstreak Form Liners are available in four grades to economically cast an
architectural finish in concrete structures of all sizes, types and budgets.
For some projects, it may be more cost effective to use more than one grade.
When using multiple grades, it may be necessary to shim the Form Liner to
compensate for thickness variations from grade to grade.


Material Type
Rigid Polymer (HIPS)

A single use Form Liner ideal for
tilt-up panels and cast-in-place construction requiring cut-outs for doors,
windows, utilities, etc. Nominal 4′ x 10′ sheets.

Multi-Cast(r)   Rigid Polymer (ABS) 
Intermediate use Form Liner, designed for 2-10 uses under normal job site conditions. Primarily used for cast-in-place applications. Nominal 4′ x 10′ sheets.

Dura-Cast(r)    Rigid Polymer (ABS)
Intermediate use Form Liner, designed for 10-25 uses under normal job site conditions. Used for
cast-in-place and gang forming applications. Nominal 4′ x 10′ sheets.

Ultra-Cast(tm)  Elastomeric (Urethane)
High use Form Liner, designed for 100+ uses under normal job site conditions. Used for very large gang forming, cast-in-place and precast applications.

Custom sizes are available.
When requested, this grade is available without the standard 3/4″ factory-bonded plywood backing.

Ultra-Cast Form Liners are manufactured from a durable urethane elastomer, making them ideal for high reuse applications such as precast concrete or large gang-formed concrete structures.

Form Liner Catalog

For those projects that require a unique and innovative application you have a wide selection of architectural accents to choose from with over 100 different application options. We offer wood grain, stone, brick and an array of ribbed and other textures in this category. To reduce construction time and cost have a look at this unique application. If you require additional information, just give us a call, we have worked with many of our customers in this area of the business.


Form Liners

More information: www.daytonsuperior.com

Formliners create textured concrete, saving time, labor and material by providing structural and architectural functions in a single medium. This accelerates the construction process and minimizes costs.

Symons has hundreds of standard patterns available, but when a project calls for something unique, we can provide custom formliners based on your design or digital image.

We provide the widest selection of concrete formliners in the construction industry. Wood grain, stone, brick, and a wide variety of ribbed and other textures make our Formliners the best choice. Choose from dozens of standard patterns or ask us to create a custom liner just for you!

We offer several different materials to create an architectural concrete finish.

  • SPS Plastic™ – A polystyrene liner that provides contractors with an inexpensive alternative for single-use applications.
  • ABS Plastic  – An ABS liner that provides durability and performance suitable for projects requiring 5 to 10 use material.
  • Dura-Tex Lite® – A urethane skin liner backed by foam for strength. For projects that require 20-40 reuses. Exceptional durability and cost advantage. Achieves high level of detail. 
  • Elasto-Tex® – A pure urethane liner that provides an exceptional cost advantage for projects that require 100 uses or more.

Standard Patterns

Symons has dozens of standard block, brick, fluted, fractured, stone, wood and other patterns available.  Details are available on the patterns pages and include: images, dimensions, weights, Product Codes, material descriptions and other important information.

Custom Patterns

Symons will create form liners from your drawings! Find out more about this cost-effective solution…read the Custom Form Liner page.

Decorative Concrete Technology

More information: http://increte.com/

Increte Systems is recognized as the leading manufacturer in the decorative concrete industry since 1963. Increte is continually active in its research and development program, guaranteeing its customers state-of-the-art quality in texturing tools and related chemical products.

Brick Snaps

More information: http://www.scottsystem.com/

Watch our PowerPoint Presentation: Scott Systems Formliners

Metal Reveals & Moldings; Column Covers

More information: http://www.fryreglet.com/

Contact us for more information about Architectural Accents.

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