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Seismic Restraints

We offer our customer a full range of Seismic restraint systems to concrete anchors in order to meet the demands and needs within the construction industry. To know more about the concrete anchors just click on the links below for full reviews of the product information.

Continuous Rod Holdown Systems

Earthbound Systems
More information: http://www.holdown.com/


Threaded rod systems have been used in the United States since the early 1980s.  The Earthbound System was the first system in 1997 to get ICBO approval on a rod system with the world’s first wood shrinkage compensating fastener.  Earthbound has advantages over the other systems due to the fact they manufacture their own shrinkage fasteners in Washington State.  Earthbound uses 100% domestically manufactured threaded rod and couplers.  They manufacture their own color coded (an industry first!) bearing plates also.  Their shrinkage fastener is the only one that has proven corrosion resistance with 1,000 hours salt spray testing and still able to prove actuation.

CWC Woodworks! Mid Rise Wood Construction Video 1 of 2

The Canadian Wood Council presents a video of several mid rise wood projects that feature the Earthbound System. Part 1 of 2.

Part 2

Earthbound System Shear Wall Test at University of Washington

Shear wall test apparatus introduction by Professor John Stanton at the University of Washington featuring the Earthbound System and the first generation shrinkage compensating fastener called the Impasse Device

Engineers design your own runs

We invite you to design your own Earthbound runs using Earthbound’s online Run Builder tool at http://www.runbuilder.com.  There is no software for you to download and install locally.  It is all run from the web browser.  We support IE 8 and Firefox.  The online RunBuilder tool will create up to 6 story continuous rod system runs, including automatic component sizing and wood compression requirements and shows it all graphically in PDF!  Calculations and DXF files of the actual run are also included.  Right now the RunBuilder is using ASD loads for the U.S.  We will have Canadian Limit States version by end of 1st quarter 2010.  Please see the links below for Limit States design information!

Website link (Flash enabled interactive website):


Link to download Earthbound Canada Limit States Information:


Link to U.S. Reports and Approvals:


Link to Slackjack Installation Instructions:


Engineers lunch and learn session

Contact us at brad@richform.ca for a lunch and learn session or an online training session to demonstrate the product application and RunBuilder.


Structural Connections for Wood Frame

USP Structural Connectors, a product brand of MiTek USA, Inc., is a code-approved line of engineered structural connectors, anchors, and software solutions for the residential, commercial construction, and DIY markets. USP offers more than 4,000 SKUs made in the USA, backed by professional engineering, technical support and a North American sales team.   http://www.uspconnectors.com/ca/products

Hardy Frames markets and manufactures pre-fabricated shear wall systems. TheHardy Frame® system allows Building Design Professionals to economically and safely minimize wall space to maximize wall openings while resisting high wind and earthquake loads. The Hardy Frame® product line includes Panels, Brace Frames and Moment Frames.

Hardy Frame® HFX-Series Panel  http://www.hardyframe.com/hfxpanel

Hardy Frame® HFX-Series Brace Frames http://www.hardyframe.com/hfxbraceframe.htm

Hardy Frame® Moment Frame   http://www.hardyframe.com/mf_product



Concrete Anchor Systems
More information: http://www.chubbysmack.com


Stay-in-Place Concrete Forms

More information: www.amico-stayform.com

Stay-Form is made from hot dipped galvanized sheet steel per ASTM-A525

Pile caps grade beam dams
Blindside walls bulkheads column pockets
Retaining walls keyways ductbanks
Footings tunnels shotcrete/gunite

Features & Benefits:
Reduced labour cost – no stripping costs (bracing only)
Lightweight sheets are easy to work with (install,cut,bend, etc)
Easy rebar and conduit penetrations
Visual inspection of concrete pour and consolidation
Retains surrounding soil while forming below grade structure


Flexible Fabric Concrete Forms

More information: http://www.layfieldgeosynthetics.com/pages/Products/default.aspx?id=3111

Flexible fabric concrete forms allow the designer to place a hard, concrete material in locations where previously it was impossible to form concrete. The flexible fabric concrete forms can be placed on almost any surface (even underwater). The form is pumped full of a structural grout for maximum strength. Once hardened, the concrete provides permanent protection. These systems are used for erosion protection, for protection of geomembranes, and anywhere else where a hard surface is required and concrete forming is a problem.

Flexible fabric concrete forms are often used for shoreline protection where the concrete layer protects the embankments from wave and wind action. Other uses of flexible fabric concrete forms are to line channels, canals, outfalls, splash pads, and run-off ditches. Flexible fabric concrete forms are occasionally used to protect slopes from erosion, and to line the collection ditches and splash pads at the base of steep slopes.


Transition Ties

More information: http://www.steel-dog.com/

Steel Dog® Transition Ties™ provide a way to connect standard form panels to industry-standard 1/2″ threaded coil rod. These strong, versatile ties are the key components of a growing system of accessories to provide solutions for:

  • One-sided forming
  • Adjustable-length ties
  • Blind-side forming with Stay-Form®
  • Long tie substitutes, using Steel Dog® Rebar Hooks
  • Battered walls
  • Bulkheads

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